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About the project

The Diamond Original  ® project was born in 2008 in the hearts and thoughts of two people who simultaneously sensed the unlimited power and might of love, friendship, and life energy. The goal of this idea was, and most importantly is, to provide more understanding, more positive energy, and, above all, more true, truly pure love among all the people around the world, through something perfect and unique, which was created with this strong emotion in the heart by amazing human beings on our planet Earth who keeps creating it. Through their exceptional and truly original products in the world. From start to finish, through only handmade Diamond Original  ®goblets. The whole project is the product of people of all the twelve zodiac signs. They have been sought and selected for years. They feature various life destinies and education. And they are all people with incredibly high levels of emotion, empathy, and energy in their hearts that they put into this goblet production.

These goblets are symbols of art, perfection, uniqueness, and love. Symbols of human dexterity, skills, and originality, but also symbols of inner might, health, success, mental wealth, and happiness. They blend the combination of alchemy and chemistry, consciousness and body, good and evil, material and immaterial, history and future, including words and emotions. All the five elements are used for their production. Earth, water, air, fire, and ether. Everyone who owns his goblet not only has a handmade product that is unique in the world, but will also experience another life thanks to the love and energy they received with the goblet from all the people involved in this worldwide project. He will gain a different life also thanks to the love he sent through his purchase of this goblet to a specific person who really needed his help and whom the buyer SELECTS himself.

Every artistically made goblet includes a gold pendant with a diamond, which any goblet owner can wear proudly around his neck. It is a significant, not just artistic, indicator that the person with his Diamond Original  ® pendant around his neck is a human being with inner feelings and energy. A being who can not only give love, but who is surrounded by this force, and who is directly involved in changing the perception and thinking of all mankind.

A person who REALLY BELIEVES IN - himself, love, energy, the meaning of life, and the meaning of being itself, will receive happiness, health, and a dream life from his goblet, exactly in line with his own thoughts, ideas, and feelings. For such a person, even ordinary water poured into this goblet really becomes LIVE water, which can heal both the body and soul.

If you have not yet fully penetrated the true substance of our human existence and have not understood our unlimited possibilities as people, you may have mocked these words, but that is fine. It is OK. And it is good that you have at least read this text. These words will stay in your mind for ages as information that you may use someday and only then evaluate it fully and start changing the collective knowledge of giving this miracle mental force associated with tangible art together with us.

All the love, energy, Diamond Original  ® goblets and pendants come from people from a small country in the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic. "And even though we are such a small state, we all wish to change the whole world with a truly pure feeling."

We are not a foundation, we are not a non-profit organisation. We are a company. A business entity that is not only to make money, but a business that wishes to make money and makes money. We are a company that, from its earnings from every artistic and mentally produced goblet, donates an exact and specific amount to a specific person who needs help. We produce unique, world-unique, hand-made art products. Inimitable products with a soul and story that is real. Products that will exist in the world for centuries together with their story, which will stay here forever.

Goblet production

The production of our Diamond Original  ® takes about 3-5 months from the date of ordering and payment. Every goblet has its own unique serial number, which cannot be ordered in advance and that will never be repeated.

This goblet is handmade and blown by master glass-makers from genuine Czech crystal, which was melted from specially mined and processed silica sand. The goblet is shaped according to old glass techniques used since the 14th century, most of which have long been almost forgotten. Strips of 24 carat gold are incorporated into the foot of every goblet during its production, which will create a unique and unmistakable goblet design. Thanks to its imperfections, every piece is an absolutely perfect and unique original.

Then, the goblet is hand-cut and engraved by ladies, whose artistic and empathic feelings are inserted into every detail of the motif created on the magic goblet. Every piece produced features its hand-cut and destiny-determined unique number at the bottom of its foot.

Further handwork on every individual piece of this goblet will be completed by master goldsmiths, who will place hand-cut diamonds of five different colours in the goblet, symbolising the five elements, and make gold pendants of white and yellow gold, which are also decorated with a diamond and the Diamond Original  ®inscription.

After all these operations, every goblet is placed into its artistically carved packaging from a part of the trunk of a linden tree, which is completely hand-carved, roughly worked, but still features the power and uniqueness and love with which it was made by artistic carvers.

From the very beginning, emotion, love, and energy from all the people who are involved in this whole idea and production are inserted into each piece of the goblet. They put ether and their infinitely pure feeling in absolutely every goblet, and they send the strength and power of this energy to the whole world through their ingenuity.

Meaning and significance of the goblet

By purchasing the Diamond Original  ® goblet, its owner acquires not only a unique and uniquely made piece of art, but also all the power of love embedded in it. He gains its magical power, combined with health, happiness, joy, and success. Most importantly, however, he does not gain this power just for himself. He sends it on, all over the world, and helps other people who really need help. To people who need to know or gain love, happiness, and life energy.

We will send or hand over the exact amount from every goblet sold $15,940 and a gold Diamond Original  ® pendant to a person selected by the BUYER HIMSELF. A person, school, hospital, group, foundation, shelter - just about anyone in the world who is selected by the goblet buyer himself. If he does not use this option, we will decide whom and where to help ourselves. The buyer will always receive accurate information about when, how, and to whom the financial amount was handed over, and the recipient will also receive information about who helped him in life and sent not only money, but mainly the strength and power of real and pure love.

A gold pendant, symbolising a positive human soul with feeling and love in the heart, is part of every goblet. It is a symbol that shows everyone that it is you who is changing the world with your positive thinking and the love that surrounds you. It is a symbol of astral connection. A symbol that fulfils your dreams, desires, and wishes. The pendant has the same serial number as the cup. And the exact same pendant with the same number will be given to the one you help. You will be connected forever, both by a physical object and mental feeling.

Through these goblets, most of all, we are trying to spread happiness, joy, and energy all over the world thanks to you, and we really believe that we are helping change the world! And we do!

Price of the magic
Diamond Original  ®goblet and pendant
Price of the gold
Diamond Original  ®pendant

For most of us, these are high amounts for one "kind of goblet". But on the other hand, what is the value of love that saves and changes a human life? The value of a car? Boat? Flat? Or a home? What is the value of human life? You would sacrifice anything for your life. And what about trying to save and change another, concrete human life, just as if it were your own? Is this not the way to give love, save lives, and then regain many times as much love? In order for us to gain and live a truly happy, valuable, and self-fulfilling life?

Who and why?

"As a dreamer, author, and visionary of this idea, to which I am completely devoted and which I truly and unlimitedly believe in my heart, I do not hide behind any company or company name. My name is Radek Straka. I was born in March 1972 in the sign of Pisces, and my life number is number one. I live in the Czech Republic in the City of Pilsen, surrounded by the love of my children, family, and love of my friends. Everyone who entered my life, even for a moment, meant and still means a lot to me. Absolutely everyone who entered it gave me the most valuable thing. My recognition of the strength and power of pure emotions, without any fear and hatred.

I am not a fool, I am not a fanatic, I am not a member of any sect. I smoke, drink alcohol, like steaks, love life, but most of all, I love people. I wake up every day with a smile on my face, with my incredible amount of energy and real love in my heart. Thank you all and and everyone for allowing me to know the true nature of my being and understand why I am here now. Thanks to everyone who understands what I am writing about, perceives who I am, and senses the might and strength of the Diamond Original  ®thought. Anyone who wishes to write to me, see me, know me, whoever wishes to help, can contact me at any time. I am real, and I exist."


Without all of you, I would have never understood
and made it. Thank you...


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