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The most frequently asked questions answered personally by the creator of the whole idea Diamond Original   ® - Radek Straka

One of the most frequent questions. However, ii is actually incredibly simple. Everyone who runs a business certainly knows this. So firstly - more precisely, we donate $15,940 and a pendant from our profits. Secondly, we have to pay VAT from the amount of $56,170. We can't do anything about it. We have to hand over 21% VAT to the state. Then, there is a certain cost item for development and production of the cup, pendant, packaging, materials, gold, diamonds, tools, labour, transport, hallmarking, certification, insurance, photos, text translations, and other at least 25 cost items, and we are on several hundred-thousands for the complete production of one piece of the cup and pendant. We pay 19% profit tax to our state on the difference between the cost and the selling price. Everyone is paying it, and so do we. We keep about 20% of what is left for the further development of the company. and for when we donate cups directly to those who really need it, to support children, schools, foundations, or institutions. And we will donate the rest of the money earned in the amount of 325,000 and the golden pendant to the one you choose. It should be our profit, but would not be – we will donate it. I do not even want to write that everyone we help financially or materially is obliged to pay 15 - 40% (based on the respective state) income tax; unfortunately, it is the case. I am ashamed that even aid between people is monetised; unfortunately, I can’t change it, it is what it is. Well, these are the facts for all those people who tell me how expensive our cup is, how little we donate, or how rich we are. I asked our tax advisor to come up with something that would help me give people more. Although I tried to get him drunk with alcohol, he unfortunately insisted that it is the only way. Just for the record – we are really giving as much as we can. Believe it or not. However, everyone can find out that, in fact, this is the case. If you wanted to know my salary, it is not hundreds of thousands or millions. It is exactly $1,272 USD.
Absolutely spontaneously and purely. Completely purely, acting on the emotion to leave a legacy that has a feeling, strong feeling for me, without any idea regarding any conclusion or result. Hihihihi, 😀, I hope I am explaining this clearly, and if not, I apologise. That is probably why we were able to bring this to the full and main of all successful completion... Or the beginning...😊
Well, it may seem so at first glance. I do not know if I can precisely express my intention in words, but collection of funds for helping others one USD 100 bill at the time requires too much energy from one person (or group of persons), and the resulting yield is quite dubious. The point being, in fact, that another group of people can also get organised. Regardless of us. Regardless of the cup. We are just a means to show direction. For example, a group of bikers bought the cup. 65 people donated on their own. They have the cup in their clubhouse and everyone knew whom they were helping. This is our intention, our direction. You connect and you help. Help without us. Even if you want to help as one person, it would be difficult for any of you to get thousands of friends or acquaintances together and help someone with small amounts of money. However, must of us have dozens of acquaintances or friends. And those dozens can help just as much, if not better, than thousands. Both via the resulting effect and the common idea. And that’s the wonderful human soul and the fantastic power in us – US, PEOPLE ❤ 😇 ❤.
Yessssss 😄. And that is our plan. Yes, you don’t need us, nor our cup, unless it has other meaning for you than just financial. This is our intention. You wrote it absolutely correctly. Just help someone on your own. Surely you have someone around you who deserves it. That's the direction, that's exactly it. As if we weren’t here. You are only you and your feeling from doing a certain right thing. The cup is just something that reminds you of it, but it is not the key. Everything we make is just symbols. Beautiful, unique, magical, unparalleled, but just symbols. Only you give them the power, meaning, and purpose 🙂.
None. If you sit on the other side of the world and read these texts, then none. Until you decide to believe. It is about feeling, trust, and perhaps reunion. I am a dreamer, visionary, and I really take the life differently – but I also must and want to live this material life. I enjoy it. So I have to behave humanly, emotionally, commercially, and practically, and as perceived by a lot of people, actually even crazy. Anyone who comes to visit me from all over the world to get to know me, shake my hand, look into my eyes, and have a drink or typical Czech meal with me, will get a gold Diamond Original pendant from me for half of the selling price. I will pay 21% VAT to our state from this money. And then I simply take all the money (as if I earned it) and immediately, and before his eyes, send it to the children’s foundation in the Czech Republic. I don't know anyone there, I have no associate or relative in any foundation, it's not a business trick, it's just a pure idea that runs through my heart now, when I'm writing this text. At the moment, I will give you a guarantee that I exist and that I am not interested in money, but in higher goals. Otherwise, of course, I will pay the refreshments bill – since I will appreciate a human being who comes to visit me and becomes a part of my life forever 😊.
We have about 3-5 months to produce the cup. During this period, we also contact the person or organisation you designate as the beneficiary of your financial assistance. Once we have accurate and confirmed information that the money will go where you intended, we will deliver it and inform you about it. Usually, both you and the person you choose, receive our products and money at the same time.
Yesssssss 😃 👍, of coooooourse. I love animals and since we take away space from them that is more of theirs than ours, we should definitely be able to give back to or compensate them in any form.
And how do YOU feel? Yes, it really has for me. And I personally know a lot of people whom it has been able to cure completely and whom it continues healing. All you have to do is accept within yourself its incredibly strong power that was embedded in it. All you have to do is perceive its emotional power, which is moreover multiplied by the feeling that you receive within yourself thanks to the fact that you have helped someone else significantly. In fact, all you really have to do is believe – IN YOURSELF – your heart ❤.
I don’t know, I can’t find any benchmark that would determine this precisely compared to my happy life. However, if I am a fool, I am a happy fool. There is also a lot of unhappy un-fools in the world. That is why, according to the opinion of certain people, I will continue to be a happy fool and not an unhappy un-fool...hihihihihihihi...😂 😂 😂
Thank you for your compliments, but I am not important in this story. By the way, my son took pictures of me, so I would ask you to direct complaints to him hihihihi...😂 😂 😂
Not enough, yet 😔. Currently, I would like to buy Lamborghini cars for 37 children's hospitals around the world and pay for all the associated costs so that I can fulfill children's dreams. Fulfill the children's dreams longing to ride in this car and recover. I haven't succeeded yet. Maybe it’s foolish, as a lot of people call it, but I can achieve whatever I wish. Just like you.
Yessssss, it will help you 🙂 🙂 If I was a person who only cares about money, I would say YES. If I was a person who believes in myself and this idea, I would say YES. But it is about you. Do not ask me for your answer. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in this idea? Do you believe us? It is completely up to you. All you have to do is say YES or NO inside yourself and in your heart. And it would be decided. You control it. You decide. YOU create your life and this world.

Yes, it does. It is a symbol of the creator, also known as Lahun. It represents the principle of creation and its eternal state. And I, too, really liked this sign. And the final importance for me internally was to create something that would last forever, as a result of love and happiness ❤.

I am fascinated by the Holy Grail, I love glass, and I like to drink alcohol. And so it was decided. Not really hihihihi. Where else to pour living water than into this cup? In my opinion, it wouldn't be the same from a test tube 😄 😄 😄.
YES, it is...❤ 😇 ❤
You decide, you determine the direction of the life you live. Take responsibility and accept love ❤. All that is happening is influenced only by you.
Regrettably, not now 😔. So far, we have managed everything within 3 months, but we all work almost 14 hours a day to be able to satisfy the current global demand.
Currently, 37 people are involved in the complete process, from ordering the cup until its final delivery. That is, including myself hihihihi...😁 😁 😁
I love life, I love people, I love the happiness of other people, and I love the acceptance of love. Unfortunately, I cannot express this in words. It's an amazing and powerful feeling that is making you up...😁 🥰 😇 💞
Do you believe that I cannot answer this question? I've heard a lot of opinions; however, every buyer has his truth inside himself. I've heard that it's a great idea because they help others. I've heard that because of investing in something unique can end up being several times more valuable in some time. I heard that because of the cup's strength and healing power. But I don’t know the real truth. In any case, I know that everyone who bought the cup has something unique that can have a much higher value in a few years' time. That he has something with incredibly strong power and energy. Most importantly, however, he has been able to help someone and currently has such a strong emotional experience, which gives meaning to his life 😇 ❤ 💞.


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